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What is We Are The They?

In the land of revelations and self-discovery, a wave named We Are The They stands tall. Challenging the winds of superficial change and shallow perspectives. If you know me, you know I have a dance of thoughts about self-development. Its peaks, its valleys, and the shadows between. It’s not about the transient changes that dance away with the dawn. It’s about the metamorphosis that reshapes the soul.

So, what’s the magical concoction in We Are The They? How does it transform lives? Let’s embark on this journey.

We Are The They isn’t a mere coaching hub,

it’s a sanctuary,

a brotherhood.

It’s men from the myriad pages of life weaving a tapestry of support and growth. It’s about standing in a circle where every victory is a collective cheer and every stumble is a shared lesson. This is the world of We Are The They—a world where you’re not alone.

And it’s not about having allies; it’s about having a treasure trove of proven strategies and wisdom. We’ve walked through the fires and crossed the turbulent seas. So that your journey can be a bit more enlightened, a bit more directed. You’re not grasping theories; you’re diving into methods that have traversed the test of time and turmoil.

Stepping into our Leadership Group is stepping into a family.

It’s not about being a digit in the crowd;

it’s about being a face,

a name,

a story.

Seasoned minds and warm hearts anchor and push you toward your highest self. With We Are The They, it’s more than learning; it’s about belonging.

In We Are The They we build on Five Pillars: integrity, community, relationships, finances, and leadership. These are not abstract musings. These are the stepping stones integrated into every interaction. Making sure you’re not learning success—you’re living it.

Revolutionizing life is about sculpting habits. We don’t plant the seeds of knowledge;

we water them with you,

every day, making sure the roots go deep, and the fruits are plentiful.

The echo in We Are The They is simple yet profound—you reap what you sow. The effort might be yours, but the journey is ours, and the fruits? They’re guaranteed to be transformative. How can I vouch for it? The retention speaks for itself, echoing the truths of transformations.

Brett stands as a testament to our journey.

"This does not look like traditional coaching. This is where men truly support each other, dropping all egos, and sometimes, yes, we even cry together. It's tragic that society today has redefined masculinity. During our retreat in remote Iceland, amidst breathtaking geography, the most powerful thing was the unity of our group. We are the modern-day warriors. We are fathers, brothers, and sons. In 2023, this is what real men look like. We share, fight, cry, and love, standing united in integrity. My life has been transformed, and I owe it to my WATT brothers.” — Brett Chell

Visualize the future self, transformed, resonating success, and fulfillment. Do you see it? Hold it.

Your journey starts today.

Embrace the challenge and step into the realm of transformations. Walk with us in We Are The They, where change is not a promise—it’s a lifestyle.


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