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"Greed is wanting the benefits of community without contributing to it."

I came across a quote last week and it's been on my mind ever since, said by James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits.

What makes a community truly special? Is it the tight-knit feel of a small town, or how a group or club can feel like family?

Years ago, I might have said it’s about strong leadership, universal support, and a shared cause. But now, I see it more simply: it’s the collective contribution of every member towards the greater good.

We Are The They, launched two and a half years ago, is built on this principle. We organize into leadership groups of 50 with a new group starting about every 6 months. The task seemed daunting at first—managing several groups is no small feat. But it’s the caliber and commitment of each man that has fueled our success.

Early on, I thought I needed to have all the answers. I’ve learned, however, that the true strength of our community comes from leaning on each other. Whether it's marriage advice from men who've been in it for decades, or collective weight loss efforts, the power of our group shines when everyone contributes.

Napoleon Hill spoke about the power of the mastermind in his book Think and Grow Rich. When a small group of people genuinely supports each other, magic happens every time. Now, imagine the impact with 50 men in each group and hundreds in the program.

If this idea of community speaks to you and you want to be a part of something transformative, I invite you to join us at We Are The They.

Upcoming Event: Don’t miss our special event on May 15th at our headquarters in Lehi. If you’re interested, send me a message at to register.

We've just opened our 5th leadership group, and spots are filling up fast. If you’re ready to contribute and grow with us, apply now.


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