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Why This Program is Different

Today is the official launch day for my premiere leadership program inside We Are The They. This is only the 5th time it has been opened up to a new group in 2 ½ years and each time the group has filled up within 72 hours.  I want to catch your attention in this post because this very well could be the day everything changed for you. 


I was on the phone this morning with a member from group 1 and he was reflecting back on his time in the program.  He’s sad it is ending and said this is harder than when he graduated high school.  Said that he never imagined how close he could get to so many other amazing men in just a few years. 


As the conversation went on he told me that one of his kids said to him earlier this week, “Dad it’s kind of weird that you are always around now, I feel like you used to just work all day and we never got to see you.” I don’t know what the price is on that but it’s pretty damn valuable. 


Another member from group 1 reached out this week and shared his gratitude for everything that has transpired in his life.  About 10 months ago his whole world got flipped upside down and he had to move on from his company and start all over.  He is currently in the final negotiations to partner with a member of group 2 and start their own business.  They have an LOI on a building downtown.  He is moving here from Canada because “Utah is where all my favorite people live.”


He told me that without the group he would have been lost and he’s not sure he would have recovered from the loss of his company. 


It is hard to put into words what this program is all about.  I made a quick documentary to try and show what it is we are doing and if you have an hour today give it a watch.  Here is the link.  In this video you will see men like Michael McHenry and Bryan Wrigley.  They are 2 of the most successful business men in all of Utah.  They share how this program has changed their lives.  Very successful men that didn’t even know that they needed it. 


I love what Bryan says at one point, “It is haunting the shit out of me to think that I almost didn’t sign up for this group. It will change the entire trajectory of my life for the next 20-30 years.”


Everyone wants things to change, to improve, maybe just be a little bit better.  But for that to happen we have to change something.  What changes if you don’t take the jump? Probably not too much.  What could change if you do? Everything. 


Here is the link to apply, scroll around and check it out.  Listen to the testimonials and read about why this program is completely different than anything else on the market.  Then apply on that same link and lets bring you into the family.  Much love! Jimmy 


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