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What Are My Personal Most Important Habits?

I was talking with one of my coaching clients earlier this week, who has been in a pretty bad rut for the past few weeks.

He feels overwhelmed with life, his relationship, his kids, and his work.

This guy gets more love from the group than anyone, yet he can’t seem to accept it or feel the love he receives...

He is super frustrated and very motivated to change.

He keeps showing up weekly for the calls and the events, yet nothing has improved. I knew there was more to the story then, so I had a very direct conversation with him.

I asked him... “Are you doing the small habits every day that make the big difference?”

“Are you praying each day?” No

“Are you going for walks every day?” No

“Are you meditating every day?” No

“Are you reviewing your goals and doing your affirmations?” No

“Are you working out each day and lifting weights?” No

“Are you doing your gratitude journal each day?” No

It went on and on.

He hasn’t been doing any of the little things we need to do to get ourselves into a good place.

Of course, he isn’t feeling better.

Of course, he is feeling depressed.

It’s not the big things like a trip to Jamaica or buying a new car that makes us happy.

It’s not the giant celebrations of life.

The daily habits we do to connect to God, our families, our friends, and ourselves that help us achieve fulfillment and uplift our spirits.

I decided to list the Top 15 most important habits I have learned and do each day...

In order of importance, here they are:

15. No alcohol or drugs

14. Write out a gratitude list each day

13. Cold Plunge/ cold shower

12. Drink a gallon of water each day

11. Balanced & healthy diet

10. Vision board/ journal

9. Meditation daily

8. Get outside and walk first thing

7. Make and review goals regularly

6. Read for 30 min each day

5. Wake up early and on time

4. Lift weights 4-5 times per week

3. Get seven + hours of quality sleep

2. Spend quality time with loved ones

1. Pray and ask God’s help each day

What did I miss?

What are some of the little daily habits that move the needle in a big way for you?

I also made a video and posted it this week about this here:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -


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