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Unlock Your Potential: Being Intentional in Every Step

Being intentional is what prevents you from decisions that lead you to mediocrity.

Intentionality: It's More Than a Buzzword

Intentionality means having a clear reason behind your actions. Hanging out with friends? Great.

But are they lighting you up or draining you?

Dating someone? Awesome. But is it because you vibe together, or is she the first person that's cute and gave you attention?

Reality check: life is bigger than the one square mile where you live.

You don't have to hang out with your neighbors. You are not obligated to text someone back.

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Being intentional is how you make up your mind.

Quick Tip: Before saying 'yes' to anything—a date, a party, a job—ask yourself: "Does this align with my life goals? Does this light me up?"

Who’s In Your Circle?

Get real. Most people are buddies because they were the closest in proximity. Like a next-door neighbor. Convenient? Sure.

But is that how we want to roll?

"Convenient" is rarely the best way.

My Challenge: Look at the top five people you spend time with:

Do they inspire you?

Do they challenge you?

If not, it's time to broaden your circle. Attend an event or join a group or mastermind (like We Are The They). Your tribe is out there, you have to find 'em.

Life Partners: Don’t Settle for Mediocre

Many men end up with their partner because they were the first to show interest.

Is that how you want to live?

Love's about more than convenience.

Who is going to push you? Who is going to make you better?


Know your values, know your non-negotiables, but never settle.

Intentional People Win.

Being intentional isn't about having it all figured out.

Before you take the leap in a decision, look how this decision aligns with your values.

(This means you should even be intentional about your emotions.)

Does this decision align with your goals and vision for your life?

Intentional Decisions = Intentional Life.

Nonchalant Decisions = Mediocre Life.

Your dream life is a few intentional decisions away.

Don't settle for being mediocre.


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