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Listening to Life's Inner Alarms

Have you ever taken a quiet moment to just... listen?

Your soul tells you stories, your body sends you signals, and your heart nudges you.

These are nudges and information that you need to trust. It's almost divine.

But you haven't been listening.

Here's a raw truth I've come to grasp: When I'm disturbed in any way, I stop listening.

So, when I'm agitated, I write down my thoughts.

No prompts. No questions. All you do is write what comes to mind.

At first, I’d have emotional thoughts. Anger, disappointment, sadness. Then, the more I write, something starts to shift.

The thoughts become insightful.

Thoughts I have never had before. Thoughts I don't own.

Like they create themselves.

Here is where some of my best ideas show out.

My negative emotions get turned into insights. Most people rave about and complain about their lives.

They poison their spouse or loved ones with the way they talk about their circumstances.

I realized that it's about recognizing that in the theater of life, I'm not a spectator. I'm an actor and a director, playing a role, shaping every act.

Every hiccup,

every obstacle,

every tight spot?

Somewhere, somehow, I've danced into them.

But if I've danced into it, I can dance out of it. Why?

Because the only part of a problem I can change is my role in it and how it serves me.

Our bodies, these miraculous machines, have this innate system of alarms. Stress, anxiety, that restless feeling—it's not white noise.

It’s feedback.

Signals telling us, “Buddy, something needs tweaking.”

One of my mentors, the brilliant Stefanos, spilled a profound truth. He said,

"The universe tucked its secrets in two places—silence and solace. Why? Because it’s often where we, especially us men, hesitate to tread."

When discomfort seeps in, when that internal alarm goes off, our instinct is to run.

To numb it, drown it, avoid it.

But here's my challenge to you: Lean into it. Embrace it. Because within that discomfort lies a treasure trove of answers.

Transformative growth isn't about silencing those alarms. It's about tuning into them. Using them to your advantage.

It's about dancing with the discomfort, and letting it lead you to your next breakthrough.

Next time you're wrestling with an unsettling feeling, start writing. And remember: It's not a roadblock. It's a signpost, guiding you towards the change you need.


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