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Betting Big on Yourself: It Will Pay Off

I read a tweet a while back from Alex Hormozi.

It said, “Make the big bet. You either win or you learn. Either makes an epic story, and you're never gonna wish you had less epic stories to tell."

What happens if you take that chance?

Taking passionate risks to achieve your goals will get you what you want, one way or another.

This tweet reminded me of a story of big bets and a bigger payoff.

Ever heard about FedEx’s situation in the 70’s?

FedEx was on the brink of bankruptcy. Frederick Smith was in charge and he couldn’t find anyone willing to give funding.

But he believed in his idea.

He believed in his business and that if he could keep it going for just a little longer, it would become profitable.

So, he did something wild.

He took the company’s last $5,000 to Las Vegas and bet it all on a game of blackjack.

And guess what?

He won big.

Against the odds, Smith won $27,000 that day. With that money, he kept FedEx alive until he found more funding.

Today, FedEx is a global powerhouse in the shipping and logistics industry, making over $94 billion last year alone.

I'm not saying to go and gamble the last $5,000 of your company, but I do recommend betting on yourself.

In the end, Smith knew what he wanted and did everything in his power to make it happen.

But what about the risk?

Start running toward the big risks. Get going.

That’s how you will get what you really want and learn what you need to.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

When you believe in yourself and your vision, there will always be a way to your goal.

Since I don’t make posts like this on social media … If there's someone you know that would benefit from reading this, share it with them so they can start working on becoming the ultimate version of themselves.


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