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10 Reasons Why You Need To Start A Podcast

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

1 - Legacy

You never know when your day will come. What a gift to leave to your children and posterity. They can listen to dozens or eventually hundreds of episodes from their mom or dad and always have them close by.

2 - Therapy

Believe it or not, it can be very therapeutic just to sit down and talk. What’s on your mind? What are some ideas or thoughts you want the world to know about?

3 - Marketing

Even a bad podcast will typically gain a few hundred listeners per episode. Eventually, you can get 10’s of thousands of people listening. And it’s not just an ad; these people will all feel like they know you. That creates trust. We do business with people we know, like, and trust.

4 - Mass Marketing

The secret to marketing is to go where the people are. The people are listening to podcasts. Now more than ever. You aren’t too late; you are actually getting in at the perfect time because all the technology and sound equipment are fast and easy to use.

5 - Networking

I could have made the entire blog about this one. The reality is you need a great excuse to level your network up. There is no better way to do this than to sit down and do an hour podcast with community and industry leaders, influencers, friends, family, or just random people you want to get to know better.

6 - Meet New Friends

In the seven years I’ve been doing the Jimmy Rex Show, I’ve made friends with hundreds of new people. I’ve been able to connect and start friendships with some of my current closest friends.

The first time I met Dan Fleyshman was on my podcast. Now we own multiple businesses together. Same with Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone and dozens of others I wanted to get to know. There’s no way this would happen without my podcast.

7 - Challenge Yourself

For most people, public speaking is one of their 2-3 biggest fears. This gives you a chance to work on that and overcome it. All the while allowing you room to make mistakes that get cleaned up in editing.

8 - Make An Impact

Almost daily, someone comes up to me and tells me how my podcast impacted them. Just today, I was at the gym and someone came up and thanked me for my recent episode with Iskra Lawrence. She told me how important it was to share that message about body positivity.

9 - Go Deep With Friends + Family

In our everyday lives, we don’t always get depth to our conversations. In a podcast, you have your phone off, are talking about real shit, and are connecting on a deep level. Several of my favorite episodes are just me and one of my close friends jamming about life and their story.

10 - Make Money

Money is the last reason to do a podcast, yet a very real and possible outcome. Done at the highest level, you will become a multimillionaire. More realistically, you can get a few sponsors per show, charge an occasional guest to come on, gather leads from potential customers and make a few extra thousand dollars per month.

What is stopping you??

It’s probably fear. Let’s call it what it is. The trick is to do the podcast and not care if one person is listening. This is what I did, and it’s what Joe Rogan did.

You will find your voice doing it. Maybe your first podcast leads to a new one a year from now when you are polished and that’s the one that changes lives.

The other reason people don’t do a podcast is just logistically; it can be really hard to do.

What equipment do I need? How do I edit it? How do I it post it? Etc…

Thankfully, I’ve taken the most challenging part of podcasting and done it all for you.

With our studio Rookery Studios, now with five recording studios, including one in downtown Salt Lake, you walk in, talk, and leave when you are done. That’s it!!!! We will do the rest for you.

For a free consultation and tour of the studio, visit or contact Dakota at 4358931847


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