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From difficult to impossible

Art Berg famously said, "While the difficult takes time, the impossible just takes a little longer." These words resonate deeply with anyone who has faced challenges and setbacks on their journey towards their goals. They remind us that despite the obstacles we encounter, perseverance and determination can lead us to achieve the seemingly impossible.

My recent podcast Chad Hymas shared that quote with me. Chad became a quadriplegic at the age of 27 and told many things would be impossible for him. Even though he was paralyzed from the chest down, just two years from his accident he wheeled his wheelchair from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas…a distance of 513 miles. A world record. When he crossed the finish line, his Dad shared that famous Art Berg quote with him…

Chad’s pushed through the difficult and achieved the impossible time and time again.

I've experienced the truth of this quote firsthand in my own life, though nowhere nearly as intensely as Chad.

When I started my first business—a door-to-door meat company—I was filled with the excitement and ambition that comes with starting a business. Then a harsh reality set in when my business partner stole from the company and  left me with over $100,000 of debt. It was a blow that could have easily derailed my dreams of being an entrepreneur

I chose to embrace the challenge head-on, knowing that the difficult path I was on would eventually lead me to something greater. Because doing that difficult task would work the muscles needed to do the impossible ones

I worked my way out of debt. Then I shot past it in real estate, becoming the top agent in Utah at the peak in that career…something that would have seemed impossible to me while I was slinging meat door to door.

Now, I coach hundreds of men in my coaching group, We Are The They. Another thing that would have seemed impossible to me a decade ago.

The point I’m trying to make is this…whether it's climbing out of financial ruin or wheeling a chair 500 miles as a quadriplegic, starting a business or repairing a relationship you thought you’d never be able too…we all have “impossible” tasks.

As I look back on the twists and turns of my personal journey, I like to think of that quote. The road to success is rarely easy, and the obstacles we face along the way may seem insurmountable at times. But with a bit of determination and perseverance, we can overcome even the greatest of challenges and accomplish what others think impossible.

So don’t stop. Keep going! Embrace the difficulties as opportunities for growth. “While the difficult takes time, the impossible just takes a little longer.”


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