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How To Plan & Reach Your Goals In 2019

I remember reading about a study that was done involving a graduating class of Yale in the 1950’s. They asked each of them if they had specific goals that year and if they had written these goals down. Only 3% of the students had written goals. Twenty years later they followed up with the students and they discovered that the 3% that had written goals had accumulated more wealth than the other 97% combined. Now obviously success is more than just money, but it is one tangible thing you can track and measure and by every account, this 3 % had accomplished more in all other aspects of their lives as well.

However, only 3-5% of adults in the United States has written goals and most just come up with them once a year and call them it "New Years Resolution". I want to help those that decide to follow my content and that have joined me on my life’s journey to be a part of that 3%.

When you have a goal, you are literally mapping out your own future. I talk all the time about living a life by design and this is exactly what goal setting does. You decide what you want your life to look like, what you want to achieve, what you are going to spend your time and effort accomplishing and by having your own goals you are the one in control. If you aren’t working towards your own goals, you are probably either stuck in a rut or you are helping someone else achieve their goals.

Last year, I spent 2 days with my real estate team up at a cabin and we broke down exactly what we wanted our lives to look like one year from now. We went through a very specific exercise that helps put the “WHY” into the “WHAT”. This is what gives goals power, it’s not achieving the goal that matters but it’s who you have to become in order to hit your goals.

This year, I’ve watched my podcast “The Jimmy Rex Show” celebrate its 100th episode in just over a year.

Three years ago when I met my buyer's agent Alex for the first time he was just an immature kid without any roadmap of what he wanted. But this year, I watched him earn and save enough money to take his dream vacation with his girlfriend Liv and they have spent the past few weeks touring all over Australia!

Another of my agents Tyler set an ambitious goal to sell 40 homes his first full year and he just blew right past it.

I watched one of the agents on my team drop 80 pounds and start living a healthy lifestyle.

My brother Dale just moved into his dream home a few months ago, through goal setting and having a vision, he has been able to build a life that just a decade ago was too great for his mind to even handle.

I have gotten asked a lot over the past year what I am doing with all the posts and the podcast and my real estate training course I’ve been working on, the answer is simple, I want to inspire others around me to live an extraordinary life.

I’ve been working hard to perfect this one hour webinar that I am going to do on November 27th and I am confident that anyone watching it will walk away with 4 huge goals for 2019, they will know their “Why” begins them, and I will set up with everyone on the webinar a follow up plan if you want to join in so that this isn’t just a New Years Resolution but it becomes a roadmap to making 2019 your best year ever!

Link To Register For Webinar - Here


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