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Don't Stay Lost: Find Your Path Again

I was on this hike a little while ago, the path was clear, the atmosphere was beautiful. I also love unplugging during my hikes, so I left my phone behind.

Because of some snowfall, the path was washed out and before I knew it, I was wading through trees and bushes.

I had scrapes and cuts all over! I was getting the rough end of nature's stick. And as the scrapes grew and my path seemed more uncertain, I had a moment of realization.

I said to myself, "Jimmy, you're lost. Just stop."

Isn’t it funny? I trudged on, even when I knew I was heading the wrong direction. Because I was too proud and stubborn to admit I veered off track.

For 5 minutes I stood trying to get my bearings and looked for a way back. Then, a glimmer of hope - distant voices from the trail. I was only 30 yards away from where I needed to be. That short distance had turned my once peaceful hike into painful bushwhacking.

All I had to do was get 1 degree back on track.

Still, I waited for them to pass me since I was ahead of them and I didn't want them to know I was lost.

In a broader sense, most of us don’t want others to know that we have been lost before, so we avoid looking for a solution and admitting our flaws and shortcomings.

On the trail, my stubborn pride held me back from joining the path and hikers. Why? Because I worried what strangers might think of me.

In life, we’re bound to drift away from something, be it our goals, dreams, or the people who matter.

We get sidetracked, venture into the proverbial weeds, and the thorns of life that leave scars.

What matters isn’t that we get lost. It's okay to get lost. It happens to us all.

What's not okay is staying lost.

We have to acknowledge it and take steps to find our way back.

So many men are lost. But they refuse to admit it, or even do anything about it.

The important part is to not stay lost.

Find your path back. Don’t let your ego stop you from getting the help and guidance you need. Suffering in silence doesn’t do you any good.

When lost, try these steps:

  1. Admit You're Lost: Admit that you've strayed from your path and need help. Acceptance is the first step to finding your way back.

  2. Drop the Stubbornness: Pride can be a barrier. Sometimes, seeking help or admitting you're off-track is the bravest thing you can do.

  3. Listen for Voices: Find a mentor, friend, or community, like ours to help guide you back.

  4. Find Your Tribe: Surround yourself with people who uplift you. In our group, we've built a community where it's safe to admit you're lost, because we all rally to help guide you back. Learn more about it here.

To everyone out there, if you've felt lost, remember you're not alone unless you make it that way.

You have a community right here, ready to walk the trail with you.

Don't suffer in silence. Get found.


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