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Creators vs. Consumers

What is another word for "consume"? ... It's "destroy." It doesn't sound as pretty when you are talking about going out shopping for extra clothes we don't need or for Christmas presents we are buying completely out of obligation. To consume something means to use it up, to take it in, to break it down... To destroy.

When I think of the bad habits in life I want to get rid of, it's often those of consumption. Too much time consuming social media, too many nights out consuming alcohol, and too many days wasted consuming television or other forms of media. While destructive, these habits aren't nearly as dangerous as what I'm going to talk about next. And that is the people in our life.

Ask yourself one question; "are the people I spend my time with creators or consumers? Are they creating a life they desire or simply taking in the one that comes to them by default?"

Are they creating jobs and businesses, or are they trying to destroy the ones that others have built up? Are they always talking about what's wrong with others' work instead of creating their own? When they watch sport, are they always complaining and talking shit about all the other teams and players, or are they in appreciation of the players' efforts from both teams?

There's a fantastic photo from the 2016 Olympics with Michael Phelps racing to win another gold medal. He was behind with less than 50 m to chase down his number one rival, Chad Le Clos. He ended up coming from behind to win gold by .04 seconds. That's less than a blink of an eye. In a photo of the final lap, Phelps is seen staring straight ahead at his goal, focusing on the victory. His competitor is seen looking directly at Phelps, focusing on him.

This past year I have seen more people trying to tear down the successful than ever before. It's alarming, and it's dangerous, but some powerful people need you to feel like a victim to keep you under their control. After all, if you are a victim, it is out of your control. It's not your fault that your life isn't a success. You "need" these people in power to save you, to protect you from the greedy and those that are winning at your expense.

Here's the sad truth that nobody wants you to know about... you control your own life and outcome.

Only you.

Recently I saw a sweatshirt for sale that says "tax the rich." Nevermind that it was a $58 sweater that only middle to upper-class people could afford. The message, though, is very dangerous. See, wealth isn't limited. If somebody else has more, that doesn't mean you have to have less! A rising tide raises all ships. Wealth and abundance don't have limits on them. But again, those in power would rather you believe that if one person has plenty, some of that must have come at your expense.

Run from anyone that is continually tearing down others. Run from anyone that belittles success. Run from those that consume and destroy the people in their lives.

I have searched my whole life for the finest people to surround myself with. Friends I love to be with, friends that inspire me every day to do and be more. Friends that are constantly creating around them. Recently I was thinking about what attracts me to certain people and one thing stood out. I love to be surrounded by creators! God himself is the ultimate creator and the most God-like attribute we can have is to create.

This year has shown me a considerable divide with the people in my life. Those that are creating, I have noticed I want to be around more and more. Those trying to tear others down, I have no desire to keep them in my life. The number one destroyer of lives and dreams is Satan himself. When I am out of my power or my integrity, it is almost always when I forget this and I start to criticize or destroy someone or something that is creating.

Honor those building businesses, teams, families, and charities. It's easy to be a critic and look at what they are doing wrong. It's easy to find fault in those trying, even while sitting on the sideline from your place of comfort.

I love to create. Friendships, memories, experiences, wealth, relationships, strong teams, etc... I know God honors me every time I create because that is what we are here on this life to do. It's how we grow, and it's how we become more like God. In the Bible, Jesus teaches us this with the parable of the talents. If we have one talent, God has asked us to double it, same if we've been given three or even ten. The great sin is to bury those talents we have. To criticize those around us instead of honoring their path of growth.

If you Google any successful creator such as Tony Robbins, Tim Ballard, or Tom Brady, there is no shortage of people just yelling into the internet trying to tear them down. Why is this? What do these people gain by being so mad at those trying to change the world? Why do they waste so much energy every day in an attempt to take down others? It's because they lost their power, and that sense of loss makes them feel significant by taking it from another.

They don't understand that winners like Michael Phelps and Tony Robbins just keep focusing on winning. They are creators because that is their nature. They are in their power. They will always win.

Ask yourself a question, am I a creator or a consumer? Am I creating great things with my life, or am I wasting energy trying to destroy others? If you have friends disparaging you and trying to tear you down, it's time to move on. Create more amazing and deeper relationships with other creators. People that are in their power and building a beautiful life.

There's no honor in tearing down another. Even if you succeed, you haven't done anything to better the lives of others.

I'll end with this, a wise mentor of mine, Justin Prince once told me, "There are two ways to build the tallest building in town. You either tear down every other building until you are the tallest. Or you just build the taller building."


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