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5 Books That Every Adult Needs To Read Now

Over the past 10 years I have read close to 400 books dealing with everything from psychology and human behavior to the latest John Grisham novel. I love it. I love to pick up a new book about somebody or about a company and learn exactly how they lived and what they did to become successful. They literally take their entire existence and all their genius and put it into a book so that you can devour all of that information in a couple of days or weeks. 

Imagine the genius locked up in those books that you maybe have never even bothered to explore into... What could you have learned to help you in your life? How might you have done things differently whether it was raising your kids, choosing a career, or even where to go on vacation? This is why I love books and love to read. I probably split my time 50/50 now between reading the books and listening on Audible but the principle is the same. Get your hands on as much information as you can and you will uncover a magnitude of thoughts and ideas that you otherwise never would have had. 

Of all the books I have read I had a really hard time narrowing it down to just 5. I literally have 100's of books I give away and recommend all the time. I have been lucky enough to interview dozens of authors on my podcast the Jimmy Rex Show and we have created a link so that you can go and purchase any one of their books in just a few clicks. But if I had to narrow it down to just 5 books that all young business minds should read here they are:

1. Think and Grow Rich

I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding this book and Napoleon Hill but whatever else you think about him, he was the first to uncover the secret that is, "Our thoughts become our reality". What we manifest to the world usually finds us. I love everything about this book and I think it is the first one anyone should read as they grow up and start their adult lives. 

2. The Way of the Superior Man

If there was ever one book that every man should read before he is allowed to start dating and thinking about a long term mate, it is this book. It is the bible for how to be a man and how to show up in a relationship. Not how society would tell you how to show up, but how the natural beauty of masculine and feminine energies work together to create passion in a relationship. If you are a man and don't feel like your life is what you always wanted it to be; buy this book today, right now. 

3. The Anatomy of Peace

Many of you don't know my journey or my full story but this book plays a huge role and important part in my family and my relationship with my dad. Some things happened a few years back and I essentially didn't talk to my dad for a couple of years. I didn't like that I didn't talk to him though and a friend of mine Ian Foster gifted me this book after hearing me explain the situation. This book teaches you about real love. Not the expectations we put on love or how we think someone should be, but true love. Looking at someone and realizing that we can't judge any of their actions because we didn't live the same life that caused them to act that way. It is a beautiful book that helped me realize how great of a childhood I had and it allowed me to see my father and love him the way everyone deserves to be loved. 

4. The Lone Survivor

When I first read this book shortly after it came out a decade ago I couldn't believe a story could be told so well. I couldn't put it down and honestly I don't think I did. I think I just read it through in one day. The thing I love in the book as opposed to the movie is you get to be inside the head of the author as he is going through Navy Seal training. To fully understand what they went through and what they had to mentally be able to do to survive and pass that. Then the book turns and really goes into great details about their moral dilemma and fight they endured that ultimately led Marcus Latrell to be the Lone Survivor of his group. This book helped me remember that anything worth doing is worth over doing and "moderation is for cowards!" 

5. 12 Rules for Life

This is the only book on the list that has recently managed to bump off a previous top 5 favorite. This is the book that I now recommend to anyone that wants to take control of their life. Too often we see people making excuses and the problem with excuses is you are usually justified in making them but they don't benefit you in any way.  In this book Jordan Peterson, if I could sum it up in a few words, really teaches us and helps us see the power of telling the truth. Both in our own lives and the world we life in. It's a little bit in your face and pretty intense but if you need an immediate state change in your mind, pick up this book and give it a read! 

Comment below and tell me if any of these 5 books have impacted your life! I also want to know which books most influence you as I am always growing my list and would love your recommendations! 


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