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What should I invest in RIGHT NOW?

This past week we have all seen in the news the disaster FTX has caused.

I'll give you a quick review for those who aren't into investing and crypto...

This young, reckless kid created this crypto coin and exchange called FTX and lost billions of dollars of people's money overnight.

He was leveraging the money that was supposed to be in the company on several other things and it was a house of cards that came crumbling down...

Odds are he is going to jail and thousands of people lost millions of dollars they thought was safe and secure.

What I got out of this was just how hard it is to invest safely in anything...

I have invested in over 30 private companies, 6 funds, and dozens of partners. I've spread my risk by diversifying everything from crypto to baseball cards to the stock market and precious medals.

Some of my investments have worked out, mainly the real estate ones...

A lot of them have not.

BUT... There is only one thing I have invested in that has paid off EVERY SINGLE TIME...

I have invested in this asset over and over again, put more hours into this than anything else combined, and spent almost a million dollars in this one investment...

That investment is ME!

The reality is it is the only safe bet we have...

If I invest in real estate, I might make money; it might work out...

If I invest in something riskier, like private equity or a seed investment into a company, there are many upsides...

And A LOT of risks!

When I invest in MYSELF, it pays off every single time.

Since I first discovered coaching and masterminds, I have spent close to $900,000 to make myself a better person.

To seek out the best in whatever I wanted to learn.

To be in rooms with people I knew could forever change my life.

To take years and decades off the learning curve by having the right conversations with the right people.

Fifteen years ago, I was a little punk kid at a real estate seminar for the first time in my life and was pitched a coaching program... I almost fainted when they told me the cost, $1000 per month.

Thankfully the man pitching the program that day believed strongly enough in what he was teaching that he pushed me to throw my hat over the fence... To take a risk on myself even tho I wasn't in a financial position to do so.

It has made all the difference.

To this day, he is one of my closest friends, Bill Pipes, and I don't know if he truly understands how much love and appreciation is in my heart for him.

I've seen the fruits of that decision in the lives of 100's and 1000's of clients and friends whose lives I have been able to improve.

All because I took that risk on myself that day.

It's why I can unapologetically share about my coaching program that is open right now...

The last 2 times I opened the program, I didn't push it very hard.

I didn't need to.

The space was limited and it sold out. FAST.

But that doesn't mean I shouldn't have... I got off the phone with a close friend last night and he told me that his marriage is in big trouble.

Financially, he made some mistakes, causing his wife to lose trust in him.

He said, "I'd give anything to go back a year and join your program. It's what I needed then; it's what I need now."

He finally signed up.

I hope it isn't too late to save his marriage... I don't think it is... But I regret that I didn't push the program harder on him a year ago. I remember the conversation when I let him off the hook.

This probably sounds like a sales pitch.

It is.

And here is my promise to you. If you sign up for this program and you show up each week for the calls, you do the assignments each week in the workbook and the online modules. You come to the annual event in February and attend the 2-hour mastermind session each month; I promise you that financially and in other aspects of your life, you will get 10X the value for every dollar you spend on the program.

If not, I'll give you your money back. It will work if you do the work and show up.

So don't hesitate anymore.

Head to this link now:

If nothing changes in your life, nothing is going to change.

I know that sounds basic, but it's true. Take a leap of faith, take a chance on me, take a chance on you.

I look forward to connecting!


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