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Empowering Single Mothers and Their Sons with the WATT Next Gen Scholarship

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Pelican Bay prison and participate in a unique program that brought entrepreneurs and inmates together. It was a life-changing experience that I'll never forget.

One exercise that stood out was called "Step to the Line." Inmates stood on one side, and business people like myself stood on the other. The facilitator read a series of statements, and if a statement applied to you, you stepped up to the line. The main purpose of this exercise was to demonstrate the privileges some of us were born with.

For instance, when asked, "If you had a parent tuck you in at night, step to the line," almost all the entrepreneurs stepped up, but only one of the 100 inmates did the same.

When asked if they grew up with both parents in their household, about 90% of the entrepreneurs stepped up, while only two out of 100 inmates did.

As this exercise continued, I realized the tremendous advantages I had in life. The power of having a strong male figure in a young man's life cannot be overstated. It doesn't have to be a dad; it can be a community of men and fathers who step up to support these young men.

Last week, we launched our Next Gen coaching program for young men aged 14-17. Our goal is to have 50 kids in this one-year program focused on building a supportive community of friends to help these young men navigate the challenges of growing up in 2023.

Today, we're announcing a scholarship program for WATT Next Gen to support single mothers and their outstanding sons. We believe in offering the opportunity for these incredible young men to participate in our life-changing program, helping them develop essential skills, a strong mindset, and self-confidence as they transition into responsible and empowered adults.

These young men aren't just any kids; they're already amazing, driven, and passionate individuals who simply need a male mentor and a solid group of friends to support their growth. This program is not for troubled youth – there are other programs for that. Instead, we aim to empower kids who are at a disadvantage but still working tirelessly to become great young men.

This initiative came about because a couple of great friends mentioned they'd like to sponsor kids who can't afford the program but need it the most. We need your help. I'm calling on my strong community to contribute to this cause and help sponsor these deserving young men. Your generosity will make a profound impact on their lives and their families.

So let's unite and create a lasting difference in the lives of these future leaders. If you're interested in donating to the scholarship fund or applying for the scholarship, please visit:

Thank you for your support, and let's keep working together to empower the next generation of strong, confident, and successful men! I appreciate you all.


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