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The Top 10 Books I Read in 2018

A wise man once told me that if you want to change your life you need to change 2 things: The friends you associate with and the books you read. I can’t tell you how true this is and so every year I love to post the list of the books I read in the previous year.  I grew so much in 2018 and my mind can never go back to its weaker place. I encourage all of you to read at least 1 book more in 2019 than you did in 2018. 

Here is my list of the top 10 books I read in 2018. 


(Amazon Links to Each Book at the End)

1.   12 Rules for Life - Jordan Petersen

This book was the #1 selling book on Amazon this year and it is not a surprise. I won’t ruin it for you and tell you all 12 rules but it is essentially a formula for fulfillment and happiness amidst the chaos of modern society. 

My favorite of the 12 Rules is “Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them.” 

2.   Braving the Wilderness - Brene Brown

“You are only free when you realize you belong no place—you belong every place—no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.”

3.   The Accidental Superpower - Peter Zeihan

I never understood how much geography mattered until I read this book. The author breaks down all the advantages of the land for the United States and how these advantages helped the country to rise into the world’s super power and why it will remain so going forward.  If you want to understand geopolitics on a much deeper level this is a must read. 

4.   Living with a Seal - Jesse Itzler

David Goggins became a household name in 2018 and it all started when Entrepreneur Jesse Itzler hired him to live with him for 31 days. Jesse was exposed to a mindset and training he never imagined and it is super motivational to here how living with a seal changed his life forever. 

5.   Can't Hurt me - David Goggins

Speaking of Goggins this book was just recently released but I literally could not put it down.  The trauma and the crap that the author had to deal with early in his life and how that set him up to be who he is today, this is my favorite motivational book of 2019.  If you think life isn’t fair, pick it up and read it.  You no longer have any excuses!

6.   The Four Agreements - Miguel Ruiz

After reading this book I bought a plaque that displays the Four Agreements and it now sits on my wall just outside my bedroom. 

The Four Agreements are: 

-      Be impeccable with your word

-      Don’t take anything personally 

-      Don’t make assumptions

-      Always do your best

7.   Principles - Ray Dalio

Ray is perhaps the most respected hedge fund manager in the world and I was first turned on to him by listening to Tony Robbins. He keeps it quite practical and easy to understand and shares his life principles to live a Successful Life

-      Pain + Reflection = Progress      

-      Reality +Dreams+ Determination = A Successful Life

8.   Iron Cowboy - James Lawrence

I was preparing to interview James on my podcast this year so I decided I better read his book and understand his full journey. This man finished 50 triathlons in 50 states in 50 days.  It is the single greatest physical accomplishment in the history of mankind. This book is a must read if you are struggling to hit your fitness goals. 

9.   The Go-Giver - Bob Burg

This book was gifted to me several years ago and this was actually my second time reading it but I wanted to re-visit it as I had the chance to interview the author Bob Burg on my podcast.  I loved reading it a second time and seeing how much of it I had implemented in my life and how the lessons from the book have helped me in all of my personal relationships. 

10. Killing England - Bill O’Reilly

I have read all of the “Killing” books by O’Reilly and they are all excellent reads.  Such a great way to understand the overall living situations and times of these amazing events of history that have shaped the world.  In “Killing Jesus” I actually understood for the first time why so many people were mad at Christ and wanted him dead. In “Killing the Rising Sun” I understood the true evilness of the Japanese emperor during World War 2 and I understood that the atomic bombs had to de used and saved millions of lives in the process.  Reading “Killing England” I felt like it brought the characters of the revolution to life and I felt like I lived amongst them and understood their roles in society and now in history. 

In all I read around 40 books this year. The lowest number in some time but I listened to 100’s of hours of podcasts as well including over 100 episodes of my own podcast, The Jimmy Rex Show.

Amazon Links to Each of the Books Above...


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