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The Power of Masterminds...

Twenty years ago, I picked up the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Like pretty much every other entrepreneur out there, it changed my life...

The book contains an entire chapter about the power of "masterminds"...

In the book, it defines a mastermind as:

"Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose."

When I first read that, I immediately wanted to be a part of my mastermind.

I wanted to create this energy it spoke of in the book.

When I was a new real estate agent, I had the unique opportunity to join my first real mastermind.

It was called "Top Producers" and was put on by Mike Ferry.

They were life-changing.

Mike would get us all together every three months to meet in a different part of the country... The group was exclusive to agents selling 75 or more homes per year.

I remember the first one I went to... We would have 12-15 tables, each with a leader in charge of that table. I would sit there next to some of the top agents in the country and for two days straight, we would all share the secrets and strategies we were using to be the country's top agents.

I sat next to top agents like Brady Sandoval from Palm Springs and Joan Pate, a Utah legend. I remember one day being blown away by this agent who was the top agent in San Diego, Chris Heller. I replicated and implemented his entire system and use it to this day. (He would later go on to be the CEO of Keller Williams as it became the country's number one real estate company.)

Over the years, I've been exposed to other masterminds like "The Avengers," real estate mastermind and "The 100 Million Mastermind," where every member paid $100,000 per year to be a part of it.

Every time I have bet on myself and joined a mastermind, it has paid off 10X more than I could have hoped. It's hard to explain the magic, but the reality is it has to be experienced.

It's like telling someone what it is like to be in love. I can tell you all day, but until you experience it and feel it firsthand, you can't truly get it.

The best way I can explain it is the power of multiplication.

For example, my mastermind events with "We Are The They"...

You put 50 people in a house for three days and there aren't 50 relationships being thrown around; there aren't 50 minds working together.

It's 50 people, each having 50 connections, so you create a multiple power of 2500 relationships.

The possibilities multiply and magic happens every time.

Our masterminds are called a "Ludus."

A Ludus was referred to as a gladiator training school in ancient Rome... The various meanings of the Latin word are all within the semantic field of "play, game, sport, training."

It is also referred to as a word associated with "playfulness." This is one of my core values and makes its way into every one of our weekend masterminds. It's crucial to get the outcome I hope for.

For those following along with "We Are The They" and seeing what we have been up to, here is your invitation.

I am opening up my coaching group again on December 1st.

The first time we are open since July.

Here is a little preview of what you will experience as a member of this mastermind and tribe:

  • Weekly live call with all the other mastermind members and me

  • Live, in-person, three-day event February 10-12.

  • Your opportunity to meet the men in person and create life-long friendships

  • Weekly module with training guiding you through the entire 2 ½ year leadership program

  • Be a part of your own mini mastermind group of 12 members, all dedicated to monthly meet-ups in your area or online to create energy and synergy

  • Access to the We Are The They app and online chat with all members

  • Access to pay for and attend the two yearly adventure trips. 2023 will be running with the bulls in Spain and Machu Picchu in Peru

This isn't an ad for my group...

I don't want to have to sell you on joining us...

Call or message any of the 200 members already involved and get their opinion on this group... It speaks for itself.

But if you don't join this mastermind, start one of your own...

Get your friends together, reach out to people who are doing slightly more than you and inspire you, and take advantage of the magic that only a mastermind can bring.


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