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Ten Takeaways: An Inside Look at Our Couples Mastermind Retreat

This past week, I spent four and a half days in Cancun for my first-ever Couples Mastermind for We Are The They...

We have done multiple couples trips, but I was a bit nervous this time as this was the first time we were doing these deep trainings, and I had 40 couples plus a few committed single guys that were there for the experience.

My goal was that every couple left Mexico much stronger than they were when they arrived.

To achieve this, I brought on board two of the best relationship experts I personally know, Matt Townsend and Stefanos Sifanos. They covered A LOT of ground in just a few days, but instead of summarizing all the teachings, I thought it would be more impactful to share the reflections of the men who shared these four transformative days with us in Cancun.

We Are The They Couples Trip

Here are ten significant takeaways from the retreat:

  1. "Recognizing and validating my spouse's emotion is now my number one priority." - Jeff

  2. "Understanding the distinction between perpetual and solvable problems has helped me focus my efforts more efficiently." - Doug

  3. "Recognizing and appreciating the strengths of my wife was an important reminder of her amazing qualities." - Blake

  4. "I realized that women's priority in communication is connection, not data transfer. I'm learning to focus on the connection, not the content." - Brett

  5. "Finding three successful elements in our marriage daily has become a routine. After a week, we have a playbook for a happy, successful marriage." - Kam

  6. "Learning to acknowledge emotions and decipher communication through tone, action, and words was enlightening." - Michael

  7. "The categorization of problems into 33% solvable and 67% unsolvable has given me clarity on where to direct our efforts." - Bretton

  8. "Marriage is a journey. I'm grateful to have a partner committed to growth. Last week, we made significant strides towards being our best selves!" - Landon

  9. "This retreat was transformative, shifting my perspective on marriage and family life. Seeing your beautiful relationships has ignited a desire for a meaningful relationship of my own someday." - Tysen

  10. "Thanks to Jimmy and the WATT fam for an unforgettable retreat! We learned so much and appreciate the amazing community that Jimmy has nurtured!" - Eddy

These testimonials signify not only personal growth but also the strength of our bonds. Let's carry this wisdom forward and continue to nurture our relationships.

To learn more about the Cancun trip, please checkout the Vlog on my YouTube + the opportunity to join We Are The They is still open...

Joining the Tribe ensures that you and your spouse/partner get the skills and community to continuously level up, together. Join by visiting this link:


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