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Not Sure What Will Make You Happy.... But It Isn't This

Recently in the news there has been a lot of noise about a Buzzfeed article attacking Tony Robbins. If you type his name into Twitter search it is insane the amount of people that are going after him right now. You would think he was the one raping small children, not the one raising millions of dollars per year to rescue them, something that he is actually doing.  

They are mad not because Tony was insensitive towards the #MeToo movement. 

They are mad not because he used the N word 35 years ago to teach a lesson about not using the word. 

They are not mad because he uses unconventional ways to actually get through to people that are blocked off. 

They are mad because they need to be mad.  

They are mad because they draw their significance in tearing down others and trying to ruin the lives of anyone that seems to be excelling while they are miserable inside. 

This isn't popular to talk about, much easier to just find the worst in anyone and anything you can and deem them to be reprehensible. Much easier to call someone else a phony or a fake, even if literally millions have publicly stated how that mans' teachings have made their life better.  

Personally, I wouldn't have taught the lesson Tony did using powerful racially charged words. But I'm also not Tony Robbins and I wouldn't be able to do it in a way to actually benefit those around me.  

Personally, it would be really intimidating for me to come out and talk about the MeToo movement and the dangers of making yourself a victim. I couldn't do it as well as Tony so I wouldn't. I wouldn't want to diminish the true benefits of the movement. But it doesn't mean that his underlying point should be lost in the noise. Those that didn't want to hear the truth muted it with noise.  

The truth was this, "You aren't wrong, you were victimized and you have every right to be upset about it. But here is the point, it won't serve you." That last part is all that matters... 


Tony meets people daily that have let 20,30, 40 years go by blaming every single bad moment and every bad day on something that happened to them decades ago. It's because he loves them and has empathy that he tells them to let it go. That he uses crazy methods to get through and accomplish this. Not the opposite. He is worth $500 million and doesn't ever need to step on a stage again. But he truly wants to change lives and change the world so he gets back up and spits truth. Hard truths. And the crowd that needs to be angry is going to attack that, they always do. They will attack anyone that reminds them that they are playing small and can do so much more. 

The beauty in all of this is this; Tony can handle it. He will understand even greater how the rest of us feel and he will effect and change even more lives by experiencing this and going through it. He isn't a perfect human, not even close. This is why you don't have to put him on a pedestal or even take in everything he says. But instead of being so angry towards someone that is at least out there trying, at least out there putting in the effort every day to improve lives, try and find a place in your own world to infect positive change. To love like he does, to care like he does, and to be willing to speak up in a world of noise and spit some actual truth regardless if it is popular.  

Who do you love? What good do you want to see in the world? What change do you want to help make? Who do you need to be to show up the right way in your own life? These are the questions Tony asks at his seminar and they are the questions I would ask the mob to dig in and ask themselves. 

I have decided that I am going to start a YouTube channel where I discuss these types of matters as well as a bunch of other things like the real estate world and market.

Click here to subscribe as we are just about to launch!


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