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My First 6 Months Being A Realtor VS. My Next 6 Months

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

A good friend of mine recently sent me a video of his 3 year old son trying to hit a baseball off of a tee. It was the first time the kid had ever played baseball and he clearly had no idea what he was supposed to do. After swinging and missing a number of times the little guy finally just started to poke at the ball and when he finally knocked it to the ground he decided to start running to first base. Clearly the kid had no idea the rules of baseball or the skills that would be needed in order to succeed.

My heart went out to him in a way cause it reminded me a little bit of when I first got into real estate. I was young as well, a 3 year old in realtor terms. I was actually 23 but considering that 93% of agents are over age 35, I was just a baby. I was excited, I was full of energy, and I was determined to be great at this. But like this little boy, I had no skills

If you are new to the industry this story is not new to you, and that is because everyone that starts out in real estate feels this same way. Not only are you trying to figure out the contracts, the rules of real estate, and just making sure you know how to be an agent, but you also have to find clients, service the clients, and learn all about the marketplace and values. It is a lot to take in. In fact, on my team I stopped taking on any agents that are new and aren’t full time because knowing what I know now, you just can’t be great at real estate part time.

Anything in life worth doing, is worth doing well!”

My first 6 months as an agent I was working hard, putting in the hours, yet I only sold 6 houses my first full half year as an agent. I considered quitting, I started looking for other ways to make money, and I was essentially on my way out the door when I went to a seminar and learned for the first time that you can hire a coach and learn very rapidly the “Right Way” to be a real estate agent.

15 years later I’m still close friends with the coach I met that day, he forever changed my life and 1000’s of others through me. You can watch/listen to an interview I did recently with him here

Over the next 6 months my business exploded. For the first time I had a game plan, I knew what the rules were, I had an EXPERT teaching me the skills and I was growing daily into a powerful real estate agent. Those next 6 months I closed 54 houses and ended my first full year as the Keller Williams regional Rookie of the Year having closed 60 transactions my first full year in the business.

I don’t share this to impress you, I share it to impress upon you the value that I received from my coach and how it changed the entire direction of my life. It is the reason I decided to put together my program

so that I can help 1000’s of agents just like yourself. I am 100% convinced that I can take anyone in the industry, no matter where you currently are at and within 6 months, if you apply the information I share in my course, you will be making 6 figures or more.

I have helped coach dozens of agents from all over the country and all of them have had the same success. When I started having massive growth and success in my business I pushed all my chips in. I wanted to sell 100 homes my second year and I tried about everything you can imagine in order to accomplish that. I learned the good, the bad, and the horrible. I will be able to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours, cause in this course I am only teaching the parts of the business that work. The stuff that will take you from wherever you are to making over 6 figures in no time..

One of my favorite posts I was ever tagged in was from one of my students Todd Whapples in San Diego California. After just 4 months training with my system he sent me this photo. The year before he had made less than $100,000 and in his half year using my system he hit his yearly goal by the mid year mark and was well on his way to a half a million dollar year!

I want to mentor you. I know what the right coach did for me and I know how many lives I’ve been able to improve because of that one decision I made to hire a coach. I signed up for a 12 month program that charged me $1000/mo. It was a stretch, a stretch I know most people can’t make. Click here start building your empire with me.


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