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Missing Sports? Here Are The Top 10 Must Listen Sports Podcasts From “The Jimmy Rex Show”

It’s been almost seven weeks now since we last watched an NBA basketball game or any live sporting event. We are getting so desperate for sports that one of my good friends is having an NFL Draft Live Party via Zoom later tonight. He’s asked me to represent the Dolphins pick at number 5.

Let’s face it, we miss sports! If you are new to my podcast or haven’t listened to many of the older episodes, I wanted to share with you the top 10 must listen to sports episodes where I interview an athlete with a fantastic story! I surveyed several of my dedicated listeners, and this is the list.

I have had so many incredible athletes on the show, but here are ten that you don’t want to miss!  

These are in no particular order, but I tried to pull out a few from all different sports. I will also add a full top 10 for die-hard BYU fans because there are so many you won’t want to miss! 


- Utah Jazz forward Georges Niang - Episode #121

- Texas University football player and Green Beret Nate Boyer - Episode #163

- Former MLB catcher John Buck - Episode #07

- Future NFL Hall of Fame Defensive stand out Haloti Ngata - Episode #165

- The face of the Zumba movement Kass Martin - Episode #32

- Star of the 2018 NCAA tournament upset of #16 seed UMBC Jairus Lyles - Episode #129

- PGA golfer Danny Summerhays - Episode #127

- Pro barrel racer & amazingly inspirational story Amberley Snyder - Episode #164

- MLB MVP and former Atlanta Brave Dale Murphy - Episode #90

- UFC fighter and champion of “The Fighter” Court McGee - Episode #117

10 Podcast For The Die-Hard BYU Fan: 

  1. Ty Detmer - Episode #43

  2. Kyle Van Noy - Episode #38

  3. Fred Warner - Episode #47

  4. Jimmer Fredette - Episode #69

  5. Travis Hansen - Episode #91

  6. Reno Mahe - Episode #105

  7. Chad Lewis - Episode #106

  8. Derik Stevenson - Episode #107

  9. Mark Pope - Episode #172

  10. Mitch Matthews - Episode #178


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