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I Got My Masters Degree In College But I Got My Education in My Car

In the Spring of 2003, I started my college career at Utah Valley University. In 18 months, I had an associate’s degree. I didn’t take it all that seriously, mostly because I didn’t have to, and I still made the Dean’s list. I’m probably the only college student who had multiple teachers send him out to the hall for a time out. I’m almost sure I’m the only one that got kicked out of class for watching tv while the professor was giving the test review. In my defense, it was the Yankees - Red Sox playoff series, and I wasn’t missing that.

I went in and out of college for the next several years and ultimately ended up with a Bachelor’s degree from that same school and then a Master’s Degree from Arizona State in Real Estate Development. If I am honest, none of what I learned has helped me much in the real world. At least not in the business world.

It was the Summer of 2003 that my life forever changed thanks to a friend of mine, Clint Cowley. He had taken a job for a company called “Prosper” which specialized in selling coaching and education for speakers and authors. One day he came home with a box full of courses and he gifted me a few of them.

I’ll never forget them because I listened to them over and over. The three courses were Robert Kiyosaki, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert G. Allen “Multiple Streams of Income,” and Carlton Sheets “No Money Down.”

I had been intrigued by real estate even before this, but I had no idea how one makes money with real estate until he gifted me those CDs. The methods taught by Robert Allen and Carlton Sheets are outdated and no longer work, but the information I got from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” was my inspiration for going into real estate.

Over the next 15 years, I devoured audiobooks after audiobooks. Just since 2015, I’ve listened to 1178 hours and 53 minutes of audiobooks on my Audible app. That’s over 49 days I have spent listening to and devouring information from the best experts in every field. This is why I say I got my degree from the university, but I got my education in my car.

In 2010 I listened to my first Tony Robbins CD, and that was a moment I’ll never forget. I had been a little down because the housing market had crashed, and so too had my dreams of being wealthy with real estate.

Over the next several years, I went to each of Tony’s courses that he offers. Unleash the Power Within, Date with Destiny, Business Mastery, Life and Wealth Mastery, and his Leadership Academy.

I even had the opportunity to meet Tony several times when I was working with Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad.

Tony took on the cause and I got to sit front row at his UPW in LA with a few of the other members of the group.

We got to work closely with Tony and I watched as he helped raise millions and millions of dollars for the cause.

I am passionate about this man’s work because, honestly, without Tony Robbins, there is no Jimmy Rex as you all know me. It was Tony’s “Date with Destiny” course that helped me come up with my life’s mission in December of 2016.


Fast forward to about two years ago when I took a special course from Dean Graziosi. For those that don’t know Dean, know that he is a marketing wizard and one of the most successful authors of all time. His book “Millionaire Success Habits” has sold over 1 million copies alone. I had a dream to get a book out for years, but I was struggling to figure out how to do it.

I went to the course, and Dean sat there and taught us exactly how to do a book. Nine months later, my first book was published, “Next Wave of Influence in Real Estate.” Using his marketing techniques, I hit the Amazon bestseller list and in less than a year, I have sold close to 6000 copies of the book.

In addition to learning how to write and publish a book, the course I took from Dean also taught us how to use click funnels, how to be a speaker, coach, and how to sell courses online. These were all things I had been working on for a long time with no traction. I had spent an embarrassing amount of money on so-called experts to help me, but at the time I met Dean, I was in the hole over $35,000 and had nothing going.

Since I finished his course last year, I started my first mastermind teaching other real estate agents. It’s a 12-week course and because it was my first one I decided to sell it for less than $1,000. I am on week 7 of the course and I have 61 students in the mastermind learning, growing, and loving that I am willing to share everything that I have learned in 15 years of real estate. I have received feedback from almost all of them about how it has changed their business and life in some way or another.

The exact question that Dean asked us that got me to move on it was, “If you could go back to when you were just starting, how much would you have paid to know everything that you know now?” I got it.

I have so much to offer and give and I owe it to myself to share it with the world. That was the day I started to take my online presence seriously. It turns out it is entertaining when you see the value it is giving others and you have a blueprint on how to do it.

The reason I mention these 2 is that about six months ago, they launched a course called the “Knowledge Broker Blueprint.” I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even know these 2 knew each other; the two men that had most affected me in my own life. They were teaming up and giving away all this information that I spent years collecting.

I signed up and went through the course, once again they over delivered in every aspect. I realized that they both took all their best knowledge and put it all in this one course.

I recently had Dean on my podcast “The Jimmy Rex Show,” and I saw firsthand how passionate he is about online education.

I am as well. I went through 6 years of college and honestly, I didn’t learn that much. But I’ve also spent a lot of time going to seminars and being part of masterminds that have downloaded a wealth of knowledge into my head and I have been able to turn all of that into everything I am doing today.

I asked Dean what I could do to help and he made it simple, he and Tony are doing a FREE Masterclass on February 27th. Here is the link to register for free. Dean says it the best, traditional education is broken. People are paying six figures and sometimes multiple six figures to go to traditional college and having a hard time ever getting a job and paying it off.

Meanwhile, those that are figuring it out are immersing themselves with experts that have already been there. I am a fan of these two men. In my whole life, I have never pushed anyone else’s products because I either didn’t trust to or I was driving my own. With this course, I’m not only an affiliate for the first time in my life, but I am also a customer. Just today, I got off the phone with a college football coach in Southern Utah that wants to start his brand. He wants to give back more to these kids and share what he has learned. He wanted to know how I built up my courses and book and brand so fast. I told him what I went through. I honestly didn’t know where to even begin to say to him to look, but the advantage here is that Dean and Tony took care of all the leg work and built this course for people just like him.

I wish I had this 3-4 years ago when I first started this journey. I paid a lot of money to a lot of people that didn’t help me. It wasn’t until I found Dean that it all came together. In my personal and professional life, it was Tony that helped me understand for the first time about the six human needs and helped me realize I was honoring my needs by the path I had chosen.

I have an off the charts need for variety, and once I learned that I was able to design a life to fit those needs. For the first time, I didn’t feel like something was wrong with me. I love Tony for that.

I’m not saying you should quit college if you are in school or that you should change careers and immediately start doing masterminds and online courses. But the world is changing. Education is broken and the government isn’t fixing it.

This is a new way to teach and learn.

I encourage everyone to sign up for this Masterclass, learn for yourself what it is all about, and then you can control your destiny from here. Let me know your thoughts after you watch the Masterclass!


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