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“Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” … Sounds Better Than...

When those 56 brave men signed the Declaration of Independence in early July 1776, they knew that by doing so, they were committing a crime against their government. They knew that they would be hanged for their decision if Britain were to win the war. But yet they were willing to risk their very lives instead of giving up their freedoms. So why were they so upset? Why did they feel a need to leave their motherland, 8 of which had even been born in the U.K., to start a new country? Why did they risk everything when only about 40-45% of the people were in favor of fighting for independence? Because they were seeking one thing. Freedom. Nathan Hale famously said, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." And Patrick Henry declared, "Give me freedom or give me death!" Why were these amazing men and patriots so willing to risk everything for freedom, and today we are all so willing to give it up without even questioning why? We have voluntarily given up our right to assemble, our right to work, and our right to live in a free society. Mayors and Governors acting like the First Amendment of the United States Constitution are irrelevant because they believe they have the right answer to stop the spread of disease. If you even suggest that there will be more damage to society because of wrecked economies, depression, suicide, and just a lack of human connection, then you are seen as heartless and reckless all at once. I've seen the charts; people are dying, people are going to continue to die. This is a shitty situation that is here and it is a reality. But sometimes the cure has a more negative effect than the disease. If we don't get our asses moving again and get back to work, then there won't be anything left worth saving. I can't help but cringe to think about the prisons we have enslaved ourselves involuntarily. To give up our freedoms without honestly questioning how easy it will be to get them back. One thing I know about power is that when a group thinks they can get it, they don't like to give it up. This pandemic has acted essentially as a test run to see how easily we would surrender our freedoms and unfortunately, we proved to be a lay down for those seeking control. This isn't a right or left issue. It's not what the democrats or republicans should do. This is an American issue. We are not China, thank God. We have rights. The other day, Utah's Governor announced on Twitter, "Starting Friday, May 1, you will be able to: - Gather with small groups of friends or family outside your immediate household." Well, thank you, governor, for giving me my right to gather that was never taken away in the first place. (See appendix, section entitled "The first damn amendment of the United States Constitution.) I am a student of history and that is why I try and put myself in these situations of past events. The American Revolution was just that, "A Revolution." This was half of the country that decided that they wanted to live in a society that allowed them the freedom to assemble and to bear arms and to speak without punishment. They fought for this, suffered for this, and died for this so that we could enjoy the very lives they wanted for themselves. I am not an anarchist. I think it is time we all quit taking crazy pills and start living our lives again and enjoying our freedoms. There is something about human connection and meeting with friends and strangers every day. It's what makes us feel alive. It's why we are ok with failure and fear and everything else that life throws at us because it is worth it to feel loved and to have the human connection. If I were trying to destroy the soul of this country, that is the fabric I would be pulling at. Get us to quit assembling, to quit celebrating. Put on masks and put up barriers between us. So here is my plea with all of you; pull down your mask and smile, give someone a hug, and get a group of friends together and let's go out and celebrate life! One thing I know is this, that fear will not win in the land of the free.


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