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Gift of Knowledge...

Every Christmas, we all stress about finding that perfect gift.

The one they will cherish, the one they will get emotional over, the one they will keep close to them all year...

The only problem is that the gift is tough to find.

Some years, it is easier than others... You had a pet pass away, and you got an art piece done to remember them. You had an incredible moment or achievement that someone gets recreated through a personalized gift like a blanket or a mug.

This may be the year you want to focus on making memories, so instead of a big commercialized Christmas, you take the whole family on a lifetime vacation.

For me, gift-giving is a love language.

Admittedly, I need to be better at receiving gifts, which I have been working on.

Gift-giving is an art, and I love to be an artist.

Sometimes I buy Christmas presents during the Summer to have enough time to get them here. Other years, I forget til the last minute and overspend on something I know they will at least love and appreciate.

The best gifts I have ever given, though, are the gifts of knowledge. I’ve had more people contact me months and years later, telling me how my Christmas gift changed their lives. The secret is that I send about 300 books yearly to my top clients and close friends. I pick the book that has impacted me the most over the previous year and send it to them, hoping it does the same for them.

One year, my friend Andy and I were having dinner around the fall, and he just looked at me and said, “Have you read that book that you sent me for Christmas? It saved my marriage and changed my whole life!”

Thank you, Tim Ferris, for helping me look like a gift-giving hero. I have several examples similar to this of friends of mine sharing appreciation for the book I sent them that holiday season.

Don’t overthink it this Christmas season...

Want to give a gift that will impact the people you love the most? Send them the book you read this year that had the most significant effect on you. If you aren’t much of a reader or don’t know where to start, here are a few books I’ve sent over the years…

  1. Atomic Habits

  2. Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

  3. The Four Agreements

  4. Start With Why

  5. Daring Greatly

  6. Green Lights

  7. Tools for Titans

  8. You End Up Where You’re Heading by Jimmy Rex

Yes, I sent out my book, and I will shamelessly plug it into this blog.

It has already led hundreds of people to leave their comfort zone and live a more extraordinary life.

My new book, “Be One- How to be a Healthy Man in Toxic Times,” will be released this February. If you want to order some for your friends and family, here is the bulk order link. I know this book will change lives. Specifically for the men in your lives, this book is a must-read. If you have been following our social movement, “We Are The They,” then you know how life-transforming this book can be.

Not everyone can afford to join the coaching program, so this book was necessary. I share the same life-changing skills, stories, and exercises so that every man, whether a member of my community or not, can experience a transformation and leave behind his limiting fears, bad habits, and negative relationships.

If you want to gift the book to several of your friends, I have created a special page for bulk book orders...

They won’t get the book til February, but we will send you a small item and card so that they get an actual gift for Christmas and they know the book is coming soon.

If you gift your family and friends this life-changing book, it would mean the world to me. Maybe you will be sitting at dinner 8 or 9 months from now when your friend says, “Remember that book you sent me? BE ONE? It changed my life!”


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