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Chaos to a Life of Clarity: Robert Molling's Journey with We Are The They

I get asked a lot why I work so hard for my men’s coaching group, We Are The They.

It’s because it’s rewarding.

The most rewarding aspect of the We Are The They program is seeing raw, unfiltered transformation.

Today, I want to share the remarkable story of a man named Robert Molling.

Rob's journey is a testament to the power of change and intention. When I first met him, I saw a man ready to break free into a new level of life.

Rob often talks about his long-standing experience with substance abuse. For so long, he had always used something.

Almost a year ago, we took a group trip to Iceland. Rob, and many others in the group of 40, faced his demons head-on.

Rob first found the We Are The They tribe through his connection with Mike Hartle. Mike's transformation intrigued Rob.

I've always said that real change catches the eye. And in Mike's case, his commitment to self-growth, family, and his newfound vigor for life drew Rob in.

It's not every day you encounter someone like Rob. He's walked through fire, lost friends, and faced the kind of challenges many of us could hardly fathom.

With a history of substance abuse, losing himself seemed almost inevitable.

Rob has found solace in the community of the group, not in substances, for a long time.

Iceland was where the tectonic plates of Rob's past and future met. He made a resolution: no more letting substances dictate his path.

For the first time, Rob found the strength within to quit marijuana. And what's even more commendable? He's maintained his sobriety ever since.

Now, I want to pause and emphasize something here. This isn't about quitting a substance. This is about reclaiming control, redefining identity, and reshaping one's entire life trajectory.

Rob's transformation was profound. He had more than sobriety. He created authentic relationships, a clearer mindset, and a stronger sense of purpose. And guess what? He's just getting started.

Many hesitate to dive deep into self-improvement. They hold themselves back by the costs, time, or skepticism.

Rob had these reservations too. But ask him today, and he'll tell you: the return on investment in oneself is priceless.

The value of our program is in the transformations, tangible results, and lifelong relationships you form.

So to those on the fence, wondering if this journey is for you, I say – Take a page out of Rob's book. Embrace the challenge, find your tribe, and let's write a new chapter together.

If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey like Rob, now's the time. Join the We Are The They Movement and let's change the narrative of your life, together.

Stay fearless and keep pushing the boundaries,

Jimmy Rex

P.S. Robert's story is one among many. Yours could be the next. Don't wait for change; be the change. Dive into our program, and let's make magic together.


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