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What’s Broken About The Self-Development World

The self-development world has some problems...

I know this because when people ask what I do for work, I hesitate to say that I'm a "Life Coach" or that I run a "Mastermind"... Because It has a stigma to it and everybody knows someone that has been burned by a coach or weekend getaway that professed to be amazing but fell far short.

I, unfortunately, have been on the wrong end of my fair share of those.

There are three huge problems with self-development that I want to speak to:

1. It's saturated with way too many fake gurus...

Any random ass can regurgitate something they heard or learned a few weeks earlier on the internet and try to position themselves as experts. Just last week, I had a call with a kid that is 25 years old...

He messaged me a few times on IG, asking for 10 minutes of my time and has been following me closely and noticed how engaged my members are and how effective the We Are The They Movement has been.

He started his coaching program a few months ago and is having a really hard time selling it...

I knew right away the problem; the kid is 25.

I didn't want to judge him, though; maybe he's had more life experience than I know...

So I started asking him questions, only to find out that his only real experience before coaching was he was a very middle-of-the-road pest salesman.

I gave him some tough love and encouraged him to spend the next ten years building an incredible life with experiences and failures so that he has the knowledge to help others needing his expertise.

I don't think he truly appreciated the gift that I gave him with that advice.

That's ok.

I only said that to him because I knew how uncomfortable I was starting a coaching group and how much imposter syndrome I had. The only reason I eventually knew I could do this is because I made a major focus on the one thing I think I do as well as anyone alive, help men connect with each other on a deep level.

This is what I've been doing my entire life.

2. You don't get any depth to the relationships because everyone is too busy "networking"...

I know this is a problem because I've spent over $900,000 on this industry as a student and this is a fact almost every single time.

You pay big money to go to a fancy event in some hotel... Usually, LA, Phoenix, Dallas, or Miami. You have a cocktail party, expensive catered meals, and paid-for speakers that give the same damn speech every week.

You wear a name badge even though it's the third time you have all met; you talk about your business and pretend life is great. You go home, never connect, then see each other a few months later to do it again.

Maybe you have a weekly call where nobody has any personal connection to each other...

This is the exact opposite of what we do at We Are The They and is the secret sauce that makes my program so different.

Go to our Instagram page or follow any of the 300 men already in this program and you will see a different love, feel, and connection than before.

These men become brothers and friends for life.

The third pillar of my success formula is this secret sauce. I can't wait to share it with you.

3. Too many people get excited about attending an event and writing down goals, only to revert to their old selves within a few days or weeks...

This is really the issue that most people have with the self-development world. "If your program is so good, how come, my husband, isn't making any progress or changes?!" We have all met these people. They go to every event, and they post motivational memes all over social media, yet their checks are bouncing, and they are 40 lbs overweight still.

Why is that?

Why do most people that join a coaching program stay the same?

The truth is most of these programs are destined to fail from the beginning...

They aren't set up correctly, don't have the support needed, and don't know the 5 Pillars of Success to make a lasting change.

This week I am doing a free live event on Wednesday and again on Friday, and I will give away the secret of We Are The They... My first leadership group has 50 members... 48 of them renewed after one year.

My second leadership group has 61 members and 60 renewed.

When I tell other people in the industry these numbers, they tell me that these numbers are not even possible.

The difference?

My program works.

It works because we have mastered these five pillars.

Here's the good news, you can use these pillars to create change in your family, workplace, community, and especially within yourself.

Do not miss out on your chance to join me on this free training this week...


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