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There is no easy money in the world...

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

I didn’t really think I needed to comment on this but since I just saw my brother post that people are asking him, figured I would give my 2 cents.

Everyone probably saw the news article that came out about Jeremiah Evans being a fraud and taking a bunch of peoples money. I started hearing last fall that he was a fraud when friends and people I know told me they had lost money with him. But even before that I always told people I wouldn’t give my endorsement for what he does.

I had spoken at his event “AlphaCon” and so unfortunately my name was attached to his through this. Other guys that spoke like Brad Lea and Dan Fleyshman and Nick Santonastasso are in the same boat. I think there are about 10 of us.

Like those guys I get asked to speak a lot. Probably 25 times in the last year. I just spoke to a group for Nathaniel Olsen last week and I speak for another John P. Taylor this week. This is what speakers do.

After Jeremiah announced the name of the conference I was as embarrassed as anyone but I also wasn’t going to let the internet haters keep me from speaking to people I knew could benefit. At the event I spoke, gave a great message, and left.

I saw through Twitter that Jeremiah had kicked out a reporter for making fun of the event in live time. I texted him the following screenshot. He was a dick and I didn’t ever speak to him again except to be removed from his website 6 months later after he had part of my speech up there without my approval. Also attaching that screenshot.

The moral of the Jeremiah case for me was I can’t just say yes to every podcast and speaking gig without doing more research. I do that now.

As far as those investing with him, it was a greed sale from what I understand. Give us $40k and you don’t have to do anything to get passive income. I got scammed plenty when I was younger so the second I heard about this business it was a “hell no!”

I did have 3-4 friends reach out about it and I always told them I couldn’t endorse him.. (Please call me if you ever have questions on someone you’ve seen me around. I have about 2000 people in or around my life so just because you see someone in a photo or me around someone that does not mean I trust them or even know them.)

Also a text I screenshot. There is no easy money in the world. Investing is a risky and hard game but do research and if it sounds like getting rich without work, I’d stay away.

I wish Jeremiah wasn’t a fraud, I really hope me even agreeing to speak at his event didn’t help validate him to some degree to get someone to invest. I don't endorse anyone’s business that I speak for or that comes on my podcast unless I specifically say so. I also know that I wasn’t paid a penny to speak and I don’t think any of the other guys were either.

The sad part of Jeremiah’s case is I think what happened is he was bullied as a kid, tried to short cut the hard work to look successful to overcome his insecurities from his inner child. Made really dumb mistakes and stole a bunch of money. This is why it’s so important to do the real work. Heal your child wounds, work your ass off to actually build something you

Are proud of instead of trying to prove to the world you’ve made it when you haven’t yet.


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